• Economic Development

    The Economic Development Committee is designed to attract a diversification of new businesses, promote the importance of shopping local and improve the climate for business development and retention. The committee’s focus is to work closely with city government on development and implementation of projects, programs, and policies that stimulate economic growth and prosperity and enhance community development initiatives. The Economic Development Committee and the Legislative Action Committee work hand in hand.

  • Our Focus on the Future

    The Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is dedicated to bringing the community and its leaders together to create jobs and strengthen the economy and quality of life so businesses and the community can achieve more.

    Santa Fe is changing from a small community content with existing businesses to one that is actively working to attract new businesses to the area. A prime location between Houston and Galveston is just one of the many benefits Santa Fe has to offer large companies and smaller franchises.

    People are moving to Santa Fe to escape big-city life and with the forethought of city officials, Santa Fe’s growth is planned with the future in mind. The city will continue to have the hometown feel it is famous for yet will still be a viable option for businesses looking for new location to either expand or relocate.

    The Santa Fe Economic Development Corporation (EDC), formed in 2002, identified projects in the City that would increase the attractiveness of Santa Fe to businesses. Focusing mainly on the infrastructure in Santa Fe, the EDC realized that the potential economic benefits of infrastructure improvements would affect the entire community for the better. The result was a massive infrastructure improvement project to expand sewer and water lines to the main thoroughfare, making it more appealing to businesses wishing to locate next to a major transportation artery.

    While Santa Fe is not yet home to a large business employing hundreds of people, the community is gearing up for increased growth in the business sector. With the influx of residents Santa Fe is experiencing, businesses are soon to follow, and Santa Fe will be ready, with a healthy infrastructure, strong support by local agencies and a great work force trained in a variety of fields.

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