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  • The mission of the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is to effectively serve our members by promoting economic growth and active partnerships with business and the community. Our Board is committed to transitioning our Chamber into a fine-tuned organization within the community. We are very proud of the role our Chamber plays in supporting local business and will continue our goal of developing and implementing a productive Shop Local Campaign and educating the public on the importance of patronizing our local businesses.


    As a business in a growing community with a somewhat fragile economy, we all share the same challenges. As an advocate for local businesses and the community, the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is uniquely positioned to assist in effectively facing these challenges.  We will always remain hopeful as we look toward the future.  Our will to succeed is found in knowing that we are not alone, and now more than ever, it is critical that we work together, hand in hand, to find solutions and effect change. Strength in numbers lends weight and credibility to our message, and it is the backbone and foundation of YOUR Chamber of Commerce.


    By leveraging the collective strength of our membership, we are able to help influence public policy related to business and economic development as well as quality of life issues impacting our businesses. The core of what we do is to provide value in programming and connection to your fellow business owners through our membership investment levels.  There is something for everyone to get involved in and benefit from.


    Our 2024 Events include our Annual Awards’ Dinner & Gala, Public Servant Appreciation Luncheon, Bra Dazzle, Heritage Festival and the Christmas Parade  We are very excited to be involved in more community wide type of events as we feel they maximize opportunities and exposure for our business members who sponsor, advertise and volunteer their time. They also assist in bringing Santa Fe, Texas back together as a community.


    The Chamber’s Board of Directors is fully committed to continuing to assess all of the programs and events offered in order to ensure that your investment continues to have value. As we introduce new ideas and move forward, we encourage your voice, your opinions and your involvement and engagement. We are hopeful that you will slowly begin to see a shift in the offerings and benefits in membership investment with the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce, Inc. and be curious to learn more. Just give us a call…we love to talk Chamber!


    Another focus is to create better educational events, quality networking opportunities and increased visibility for every member business. Without question, we are an organization committed to building a strong, prosperous and thriving community.

    We are fortunate to have a large, diverse membership, rich in experience and expertise. We draw support from a large base of volunteers who serve on our Board of Directors and committees. These individuals understand that our strength lies in our ability to work together and they are willing to contribute their time and talents to sustain a strong and dynamic organization vital to the Santa Fe business community.


    We invite you to join us in our quest to build a stronger and more prosperous community. Invest in yourself, your business and your community by becoming involved in the Chamber.  We welcome your participation.


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